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Future expansion

Las Vegas, NV 
Southern California

Virgin Trains will connect one of the most traveled routes in the country with nonstop service between SoCal and Vegas.

The first phase will be built on the XpressWest right-of-way, traversing 185 miles from Las Vegas, NV to Victorville, CA with expansion to Los Angeles following thereafter.

Future Expansion

Facts & Figures

  • Expected train trip is about 90 mins running adjacent to the I-15 freeway (vs. the approx. 4+ hrs by car).
  • Expected top speed is 180 mph.
  • Project includes 38 acres of land adjacent to the Las Vegas strip to construct the station and a mixed-use development.

“California has a vision for modernized rail network that is fast, clean and convenient for travelers, and the introduction of Brightline service linking Southern California to Las Vegas will help us achieve that vision.”

— California State Transportation Agency secretary, Brian Annis

Future Expansion

Facts & Figures

Las Vegas Expansion

  • Travel from Southern California to Las Vegas in 90 minutes at less than the cost of driving or flying
  • One-third of all visitors to Las Vegas originate from Southern California Addressable market of 56 million annual trips
  • 1.5 hour train ride vs. nearly 3 hour drive with frequent departures
  • Will improve travel to the world’s top convention destination.

Virgin Trains California Route

Future Expansion

Facts & Figures

Las Vegas Station – New Gateway to Las Vegas Strip

  • Within 5 minutes of Las Vegas strip
  • Located on 38 acres adjacent to the Vegas strip
  • Fully entitled for gaming, hotel, retail, residential
  • North of new Raiders Stadium (up to 72,000 capacity)
  • Directly surrounded by major hotel destinations

Las Vegas Station Area

Market Info

Los Angeles to Las Vegas Travel Market and Passenger Rail Economics

Addressable Market

  • Total addressable market of 56 million trips
  • Predominately by car (78%)
  • Las Vegas visitation at record level (’18 visitation of 42 million) and projected to break records annually

Market Characteristics and Economics

Large addressable market

  • 56 million annual trips
  • Single destination
  • Train arrives directly to LV strip

Extreme roadway congestion

  • Congested 2-lane road for 180mi
  • 3-4 hour drive on Fri and Sun
  • 1hr 15min train ride down median

High cost travel options

  • $60 for 2-day parking in Las Vegas
  • Incremental cost of time and gas
  • Free parking and $60 train fare
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